Engine Fitness

Vehicles have to pass a fitness test to prove that they do not emit toxic and poisonous gasses. Cars are provided fitness certificates valid for a certain period. Vehicle owners have to stand in queue to get fitness certificates. But Road Ranger provides this certificate on site under its car breakdown service.

Road Ranger is a 24x7 breakdown service providing company and it provides complete services from changing flat tyres to providing emergency fuel. As a reliable service provider, it has a fleet of service wagons and a large group of auto engineers to provide custom auto repair Delhi service. We are always with our customers as we are accessible through a mobile application.

With Road Ranger mobile application, you don’t have to wait at engine fitness centers to get a fitness certificate for your car. When it is time to get fitness for your car, you can inform us for the service. Soon our service wagon with an experienced auto engineer will come to you and perform fitness check on your car. With us, you can save time lost in waiting for your turn.

Never drive your car without a fitness certificate as it is illegal. Get a fitness certificate for your car, if you don’t have. Call Road Rangers for assistance in engine fitness and auto repair service. Become a proud member of Road Ranger 24x7 road assistance and custom auto repair immediately.