Flat Tyre

Cars come with five tyres with one tyre kept as spare to replace a punctured tyre. But, a flat tyre also needs to be serviced to workable condition. Road Ranger ensures all its customers to provide flat tyre service to all vehicles from midsize sedans to SUVs and to small budget cars.

No matter where you are in Delhi and no matter what time and our service wagon can reach you and provide customized auto repair service in a minimum time. Your car details are stored in our databank and we’ll be there to provide automotive repair service once we receive your emergency call.

We’re accessible. When you sign up for flat tyre service, you get an emergency contact number that is like a panic button on your mobile. Whenever you need flat tyre service, you can call on the given number for car repair service. If you are a Smartphone user, you can take advantage of our Road Ranger mobile application that will connect you to our service.

With us, you don’t need to worry about flat tyre as we keep a spare tyre for you in our service wagon and you will always find our service wagon stationed only a few meters away from your car. The moment we receive your request, our staff will come into action to provide service. Your call is our command!!