Electrical Services

Your car has many features including an advance audio system. But do you know how these electronic systems work. The car gets power from battery and the power is transmitted to the electronic equipment through wires. If the electric system is disturbed, the car can come to a halt abruptly.

Ensure your car for electric failure with Road Ranger and get freedom from electric disturbances that your car might face while running. After experiencing the hassle of electric failure in cars as customers, we decided to start a complete automotive repair service for car owners.

When you face a breakdown, you may reach us on Road Ranger mobile application or call our service executive on our emergency helpline number. Soon our breakdown service wagon will contact you. Our engineers will locate the fault and fix it without keeping you waiting.

Worried about subscription charges? A quick peek into our customised services and you will feel assured about the subscription charges. Road Ranger provides quick, quality and customized service at a nominal price.


When you insert key in the ignition switch of your car, you believe that the car will start in half turn of the key and it should but whether the car starts in half turn of key or you need turning the key several times depends on the condition of the battery in the car.

Road Ranger provides replacement service for car batteries under its car breakdown service Delhi. When a battery is dead, it has to be changed as there is no other option left and every battery has a shelf life. Unaware of the condition of their car batteries, car owners keep driving their vehicles and panic when their car batteries become dead.

Advantage of Road Ranger car repair service is that it presses its service wagons that are always full of car batteries for vehicles of different makes and models into service as soon as the customers approach Road Ranger- The 24x7 breakdown service provider for help.

With Road Ranger breakdown service on your side, you won’t need worrying about your car battery. Just inform us through our Road Ranger mobile application or you can call us on our emergency helpline number for help in battery replacement.

Take care of your car battery and also stay connected to our breakdown service to get quick help in times of needs. Road Ranger is your breakdown service provider and reachable 24x7.